I don’t like to simply point the camera and take pictures. I like to think about it. I like to project, work on new ideas, get inspired by traveling, have new experience and meet new people.

Hi, if you landed here means you have the patience to know me better. So take a deep breath and go ahead!


At the beginning i hated photography. My father used to ran a photography shop/studio, so from my point of view photography was only a business like many others, something that you must do for a living so I thought it could never be part of my life, but I was wrong.


 I have fallen in love instantly with cinema, music, fashion and arts but my approach to photography has been gradually. I started to look at some of the greatest photographer of all the time, reading books, visit exhibition and than moving to Milano to study Photography and Visual Design in art school. I started to work in fashion photography and finally i realized that photography is about you, that in one picture you put everything you know, you feel, read, watch, listen to and, even, what you eat. I didn’t know it but photography has always been part of my life.


Since last year, after almost seven years spent in fashion photography, I started to shoot weddings again. I’m based in Milan where i work, for the most, during the year and i have a studio in Matera where i go quite often. I travel a lot, i’m fascinated by the north of Europe but i go wherever your wedding will bring me.


My approach is journalistic with a bit of minimalism and influenced by my fashion photography background. I like to tell story and be focused on the magic that happens when two people get married. The unique aspect of my style is the research of beauty in every single details.
I don’t consider myself a wedding photographer, i’m more fascinated by weddings.


I’m almost invisible to you while capturing the essence of your day as you planned it.  I like to use natural light to get natural bright pictures surrounded by a romantic atmosphere.


Meeting you in person is the best option for both of us but if it won’t be possible i’m always up for a video call or phone call.

If you have any other question, please feel free to contact me here