Veronica & Neri

a rainy but wonderful day in the Tuscan hills

I think this is one of the best wedding i ever shoot. 

It was all planed in a private and unique venue on the top of Tuscany’s hills with a super attention for all the details. Than, it rain. 

Everything was supposed to take place around this amazing villa. Out on the gardens abd surrondend by the grapevine trees.

We spent all the night under the gazebo, instead. An emergency venue perfectly planned. The atmosphere was spectacular and the warm partecipation of family and friends made this wedding unique like every wedding should be.

Most photographers hate when it rain during the wedding maybe much more than the bride and the groom. 

I can’t say that i love because it’s not simple logistically speaking but i like it. Because you have to improvise. You have to be much more focused on what it’s happening and take the best of it. You can’t plan anything. Im good when it comes to improvise. I can find the solution very quickly and sometimes i con offer my best on critical situation than in normal situation when everything it’s under control or i think it is 🙂


Sansepolcro, Tuscany

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